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Win $300 Worth of Coca-Cola Free Samples

Win $300 Worth of Coca-Cola Free Samples
Free Samples
Added: 01-Jul-12
Closes: 24-Dec-12
Plus every entry has the chance to instantly claim a Coca-Cola free sample!

Simply fill in your details and place your free bid. If you place a bid with the lowest number that no one else has bid on, you win. It's that easy!

The Successful Bidder will be the Bidder who submitted the Lowest Unique Bid. The Successful Bidder will have the right to receive the Product. The Product received is dependent on which Product the Successful Bidder submitted the Lowest Unique Bid for. The product can only be one (1) of the following:
- $300 worth of Arnott's products
- $300 worth of Coca-Cola products
- $300 worth of Nestl? products
- $300 worth of Cadbury products
- $300 worth of MasterFoods products
- $300 worth of Maybelline products
- $300 worth of Heinz products

Definitions: "Bid" means a Bid submitted by a specific Bidder in connection with the promotion; "Bidder" means an eligible person who has placed a specific Bid Amount for the Product; "Bid Amount" means a number from 1 to 1,000; "Lowest Unique Bid" means the lowest bid placed that is the only bid at that amount; "Product" means the product offered in connection with the promotion; "Successful Bidder" means the Bidder that is determined by the Promoter to have the right to receive the Product; and "Unique Bid" means a bid that is different from any other bid amount